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2020 Using partial duplication with compare to detect radiation-induced failure in a commercial FPGA-Based networking system A. Keller, J. Anderson, M. Wirthlin, S. Wen, R. Fung, C. Chambers PDF
2020 Understanding the Impact of Quantization, Accuracy, and Radiation on the Reliability of Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs F. Libano, B. Wilson, M. Wirthlin, P. Rech, J. Brunhaver PDF
2020 Architectural Analysis of Deep Learning on Edge Accelerators L. Kljucaric, A. Johnson, A.D. George PDF
2020 FPGA Acceleration of Fluid-Flow Kernels R. Blanchard, G. Stitt and H. Lam PDF
2019 Fast Stochastic Block Partitioning via Sampling F. Wayne, V. Gleyzer, W. Feng PDF
2019 Reconfigurable Real-Time Video Pipelines on SRAM-based FPGAs A. Wilson, M. Wirthlin PDF
2019 Single-Event Characterization of 16 nm FinFET Xilinx UltraScale+ Devices with Heavy Ion and Neutron Irradiation D. Lee, M. King, W. Evans, M. Cannon, A. Perez-Celis, J. Anderson, M. Wirthlin, W. Rice PDF
2019 Comparative Benchmarking Analysis of Next-Generation Space Processors E. Gretok, E. Kain, A. D. George PDF
2019 Impact of Soft Errors on Large-Scale FPGA Cloud Computing A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2019 Third Party CAD Tools for FPGA Design—A Survey of the Current Landscape B. Nelson PDF
2019 Implementation and Design Space Exploration of a Turbo Decoder in High-Level Synthesis W. Stirk, J. Goeders PDF
2019 Microcontroller Compiler-Assisted Software Fault Tolerance M. Bohman, B. James, M. Wirthlin, H. Quinn, J. Goeders PDF
2019 Selective Hardening for Neural Networks in FPGAs F. Libano, B. Wilson, J. Anderson, M. Wirthlin, C. Cazzaniga, C. Frost, P. Rech PDF
2019 Strategies for Removing Common Mode Failures From TMR Designs Deployed on SRAM FPGAs M. Cannon, A. Keller, H. Rowberry, C. Thurlow, A. Perez-Celis, M. Writhlin PDF
2019 Denial of Service Detection & Mitigation Scheme Using Responsive Autonomic Virtual Networks (RAvN) A. Starke, A., Z. Nie, M. Hodges, C. Baker, J. McNair PDF
2019 Maverick: A Stand-Alone CAD Flow for Partially Reconfigurable FPGA Modules D. Glick, J. Grigg, B. Nelson, M. Wirthlin PDF
2019 ReCoN: A Reconfigurable CNN Acceleration Framework for Hybrid Semantic Segmentation on Hybrid SoCs for Space Applications S. Sabogal, A. George, G. Crum PDF
2019 Deep-Learning Inferencing with High-Performance Hardware Accelerators L. Kljucaric, A.D. George PDF
2019 Acceleration of Scientific Deep Learning Models on Heterogeneous Computing Platform with Intel FPGA C. Jiang, D. Ojika, S. Vallecorsa, T. Kurth3, Prabhat, B. Patel, and H. Lam PDF
2019 Acceleration of Scientific Deep Learning Models on Heterogeneous Computing Platform with Intel FPGAs C. Jiang, D. Ojika, T. Kurth, Prabhat, S. Vallecorsa, B. Patel, H. Lam PDF
2019 Compute Cache Architecture for the Acceleration of Mission-Critical Data Analytics H. Lam, S. Bhat, K. Rajasekaran,V. Srinivasan, D. Ojika PDF
2019 Neutron Radiation Testing of Fault Tolerant RISC-V Soft Processor on Xilinx SRAM-based FPGAs A. Wilson, M. Wirthlin PDF
2019 Single-Event Characterization of a Stratix® 10 FPGA Using Neutron Irradiation A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2019 On the Portability of GPU-Accelerated Applications via Automated Source-to-Source Translation P. Sathre, M. Gardner, W. Feng PDF
2018 Machine-Learning Space Applications on SmallSat Platforms with TensorFlow J. Manning, D. Langerman, B. Ramesh, E. Gretok, C. Wilson, A. George, J. MacKinnon, G. Crum PDF
2018 Towards Resilient Spaceflight Systems with Virtualization D. Sabogal, A. George PDF
2018 Spacecraft Mission Agent for Autonomous Robust Task Execution A. Gillette, B. O’Connor, C. Wilson, A. George PDF
2018 Neutron Radiation Beam Results for the Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC J. Anderson, J. Leavitt, M. Wirthlin PDF
2018 Improving the Effectiveness of TMR Designs on FPGAs with SEU-Aware Incremental Placement M. Cannon, A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2018 Demand Driven Assembly of FPGA Configurations Using Partial Reconfiguration, Ubuntu Linux, and PYNQ J. Goeders, T. Gaskin, B. Hutchings PDF
2018 Using Physical and Functional Comparisons to Assure 3rd-Party IP for Modern FPGAs A. Hastings, S. Jensen, J. Goeders, B. Hutchings PDF
2018 Scalable window generation for the intel broadwell+arria 10 and high-bandwidth fpga systems G. Stitt, A. Gupta, M. N. Emas, D. Wilson, and A. Baylis PDF
2018 Dynamic SEU Sensitivity of Designs on Two 28-nm SRAM-Based FPGA Architectures A. Keller, T. Whiting, K. Sawyer, M. Wirthlin PDF
2018 A Real-Time, Power-Efficient Architecture for Mean-Shift Image Segmentation S. Craciun, R. Kirchgessner, A. George, H. Lam, J. Principe
2018 High-frequency absorption-fifo pipelining for stratix 10 hyperflex M. N. Emas, A. Baylis, and G. Stitt
2018 Onboard Processing with Hybrid and Reconfigurable Computing on Small Satellites Alan D. George, and Christopher M. Wilson PDF
2018 Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification on Embedded Platforms S. Balakrishnan, D. Langerman, E. Gretok, A. George PDF
2018 Research Opportunities in Heterogeneous Computing for Machine Learning H. Lam, D. Ojika PDF
2018 CSP Hybrid Space Computing - Presentation C. Wilson, A. George PDF
2018 Accelerating Real-Time, High-Resolution Depth Upsampling on FPGAs D. Langerman, S. Sabogal, B. Ramesh, A. George PDF
2018 Counter Advance for Reliable Encryption in Phase Change Memory D. Kline Jr., R. Melhem, A. Jones PDF
2018 Racetrack Queues fo Extrememly Low-Energy FIFOs D. Kline Jr., H. Xu, R. Melhem, A. Jones PDF
2018 A Framework for Auto-Parallelization and Code Generation: An Integrative Case Study with Legacy FORTRAN Codes K. Krommydas, R. Sasanka, P. Sathre, W. Feng PDF
2018 A Composable Workflow for Productive Heterogeneous Computing on FPGAs via Whole-Program Analysis and Transformation P. Sathre, A. Helal, W. Feng PDF
2018 Cache Fault Injection with DrSEUs E. Carlisle, A. George
2018 Radiation-Tolerant, GaN-based Point of Load Converters for Small Spacecraft Missions T. Cook, N. Franconi, B. Shea, C. Wilson, B. Grainger, A. George, A. Barchowsky PDF
2017 Investigating TI KeyStone II and quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Architectures for On-board Space Processing B. Schwaller, B. Ramesh, A. George PDF
2017 SSIVP: Spacecraft Supercomputing Experiment for STP-H6 • S. Sabogal, P. Gauvin, B. Shea, D. Sabogal, A. Gillette, C. Wilson, A. George, G. Crum, A. Barchowsky, T. Flatley PDF
2017 OPIR Video Preprocessing and Compression for On-Board Aerospace Computing E. Shea, A. George PDF
2017 Efficient and Autonomous Processing and Classification of Images on Small Spacecraft A. Gillette, C. Wilson, A. George PDF