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Research projects are newly defined each year, reflecting the needs of Center members, and organized by University Site.  Each project is selected by formal vote of members at the annual workshop. Summaries and formal presentations on the 11 projects underway for CY24 in SHREC are provided below.

University of Pittsburgh
  • P1-24: Reconfigurable Systems (neuromorphic algorithm accelerators, high-throughput data processing, mission-critical sensor processing, machine-learning acceleration)
  • P2-24: Intelligent Systems (few-shot learning for space, neuromorphic vision and computing, novel processor architectures, deep-learning kernel benchmarks)
  • P3-24: Scalable Systems (hyperscale processing, space network protocols, fault-tolerant GPU computing, deep-learning metrics and performance)
  • P4-24: Resilient Systems (hybrid flight hardware, mechanical and thermal systems, adaptable Versal computing, emerging RISC-V architectures)
  • P5-24: Secure and Efficient Systems (trust assessment, constellation scalability)
Brigham Young University
University of Florida
Virginia Tech