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SHREC annual workshop, January 17-18, 2024


SHREC holds two members-only workshops each year to support project collaborations, impact, and technology transfer in the Center.  The annual workshop is a two-day, in-person event in January, featuring one day on completed projects from the past year and one on proposed projects for the new year. The midyear workshop is a one-day, online event in June, featuring project review and refinement. Each workshop includes a broad range of presentations and posters archived for the benefit of members, as listed below. Workshop materials are restricted for use only by SHREC members, students, and faculty. 

  • SHREC Annual Workshop, Jan. 18-19, 2023, hosted by University of Pittsburgh
  • SHREC Midyear Workshop, Jun. 14, 2023, held online
  • SHREC Annual Workshop, Jan. 19-20, 2022, held online (due to pandemic)
  • SHREC Midyear Workshop, Jun. 8, 2022, held online

Note: We recently posted above a link to materials for the latest workshop (SMW24), and also the previous (SAW23-24), which require authentication as a SHREC member, student, or faculty member to access.  We will soon add links to materials from prior workshops, going back to the start of SHREC in January 2018.