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Year Title Authors View
2023 Accelerating Graph Analytics with oneAPI and Intel FPGAs J. Bickerstaff, L. Kljucaric, A. D. George PDF
2023 Accelerating End-to-End Machine Learning Using the Intel oneAPI Toolkit and Intel Flex Series GPU C. Pagolu, M. Misra, B. Patel, and H. Lam PDF
2023 Memory Consumption Modeling of Deep Learning Workloads S. P. Chenna, B. Patel, and H. Lam PDF
2023 PESTnet – Pre-IFFT PAPR Estimation using Neural Networks for Improved OFDM Systems P. Mangipudi, M. Merugu, J. McNair, J. Terry, and D. Veney PDF
2023 Resiliency in Low Earth Orbit Satellite Routing R. Esswein, S. O'Melia, R. Skowyra, M. Abdelhakim, R. Cunningham PDF
2023 Point-Source Target Detection and Localization in Single-Frame Infrared Imagery D. C. Stumpp, A. J. Byrne and A. D. George PDF
2022 Inducing Non-uniform FPGA Aging Using Configuration-based Short Circuits H. Cook, J. Arscott, B. George, T. Gaskin, J. Goeders, B. Hutchings PDF
2022 Cloning the Unclonable: Physically Cloning an FPGA Ring-Oscillator PUF Hayden Cook; Jonathan Thompson; Zephram Tripp; Brad Hutchings; Jeffrey Goeders PDF
2022 RBS: Profile-Guided Scheduling for Time-Triggered Applications R. Esswein, A. George, A. Loveless, B. Luksik PDF
2022 hARMS: A Hardware Acceleration Architecture for Real-Time Event-Based Optical Flow D. C. Stumpp, H. Akolkar, A. D. George and R. B. Benosman PDF
2021 Investigating How Software Characteristics Impact the Effectiveness of Automated Software Fault Tolerance B. James, M. Wirthlin, J. Goeders PDF
2021 Identifying Radiation-Induced Micro-SEFIs in SRAM FPGAs A. Perez, C. Thurlow, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 Partial TMR for Improving the Soft Error Reliability of SRAM-Based FPGA Designs A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 Neutron Radiation Testing of a TMR VexRiscv Soft Processor on SRAM-Based FPGAs A. Wilson, S. Larsen, C. Wilson, C. Thurlow, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 How Reduced Data Precision and Degree of Parallelism Impact the Reliability of Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs F. Libano, P. Rech, B. Neuman, J. Leavitt, M. Wirthlin, J. Brunhaver PDF
2021 RISC-V Benchmarking for Onboard Sensor Processing M. Cannizzaro, E. Gretok, A. D. George PDF
2021 Scalable Performance Prediction of Irregular Workloads in Multi-Phase Particle-in-Cell Applications Sai P. Chenna, S Balachandar, Herman Lam, Greg Stitt PDF
2021 Automated Software Compiler Techniques to Provide Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Operating Systems B. James, J. Goeders PDF
2021 A Streaming Hardware Architecture for Real-Time SIFT Feature Extraction H. Li Sanchez, A. D. George
2021 A Study in SHMEM:Parallel Graph Algorithm Acceleration with Distributed Symmetric Memory M. Ing, A. D. George PDF
2021 Heartbeat Classification with Spiking Neural Networks on the Loihi Neuromorphic Processor K. Buettner, A. D. George PDF
2021 Incorporating Fault-Tolerance Awareness into System-Level Modeling and Simulation T. Johnson and H. Lam PDF
2021 STP-H7-CASPR: A Transition from Mission Concept to Launch N. Perryman, et al. PDF
2021 A Methodology for Evaluating and Analyzing FPGA-Accelerated, Deep-Learning Applications for Onboard Space Processing S. Sabogal, A. D. George PDF
2021 Reconfigurable Framework for Resilient Semantic Segmentation for Space Applications S. Sabogal, A. D. George, G. A. Crum PDF
2021 Signal and Power Integrity Design Methodology for High-Performance Flight Computing Systems N. Franconi, A. Geist, D Albaijes, A. D. George PDF
2021 Neutron-Induced, Single Event Upsets on Neuromorphic Event-Based Vision Sensor: A First Step and Tools to Space Applications S. Roffe, et al. PDF
2021 Towards Intelligent Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery D. Wildenstein, A. D. George PDF
2021 Benchmarking Transformer Based Transcription on Embedded GPUs for Space Applications M. Schubert, A. D. George PDF
2021 Onboard Multi-Scale Tile Classification for Satellites and Other Spacecraft E. Gretok, A. D. George PDF
2021 XBERT: Xilinx Logical-Level Bitstream Embedded RAM Transfusion M. Hoffman, Z. Tang, J. Orgill, J. Nelson, D. Glanzman, B. Nelson, A. DeHon PDF
2021 Approaches for FPGA Design Assurance E. Cahill, B. Hutchings, J. Goeders PDF
2021 Emulating Radiation-Induced Multicell Upset Patterns in SRAM FPGAs With Fault Injection A. Perez-Celis, C. Thurlow, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 Optimized FPGA-based Deep Learning Accelerator for Sparse CNN using High Bandwidth Memory C. Jiang, D. Ojika, B. Patel, H. Lam PDF
2021 Fault Injection of TMR Open Source RISC-V Processors using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on SRAM-based FPGAs A. Wilson, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 The Impact of Terrestrial Radiation on FPGAs in Data Centers A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2021 Accelerating Regular-Expression Matching on FPGAs with High-Level Synthesis D. Callanan, L. Kljucaric, A. D. George
2020 Understanding the Impact of Quantization, Accuracy, and Radiation on the Reliability of Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs F. Libano, B. Wilson, M. Wirthlin, P. Rech, J. Brunhaver PDF
2020 Architectural Analysis of Deep Learning on Edge Accelerators L. Kljucaric, A. Johnson, A.D. George PDF
2020 FPGA Acceleration of Fluid-Flow Kernels R. Blanchard, G. Stitt and H. Lam PDF
2020 Load Balanced Controller Association in Wireless Distributed SDNs A. Starke, J. McNair PDF
2020 MetaCL: Automated "Meta" OpenCL Code Generation for High-Level Synthesis on FPGA P. Sathre, A. Gondhalekar, W. Feng PDF
2020 Exploring FPGA Optimizations in OpenCL for Breadth-First Search on Sparse Graph Datasets A. Gondhalekar, W. Feng PDF
2020 Statistical Method to Extract Radiation-Induced Multiple-Cell Upsets in SRAM-Based FPGAs A. Perez-Celis, M. Wirthlin PDF
2020 Improving the Reliability of TMR With Nontriplicated I/O on SRAM FPGAs M. Cannon, A. Keller, C. Thurlow, A. Perez-Celis, M. Wirthlin PDF
2020 Modeling Common Cause Failures in Systems with Triple Modular Redundancy and Repair M. Cannon, A. Keller, A. Perez-Celis, M. Wirthlin PDF
2020 Netlist Analysis and Transformations Using SpyDrNet D. Skouson, A. Keller, M. Wirthlin PDF
2020 Applying Compiler-Automated Software Fault Tolerance to Multiple Processor Platforms B. James, H. Quinn, M. Wirthlin, J. Goeders PDF
2020 Using Novel Configuration Techniques for Accelerated FPGA Aging T. Gaskin, H. Cook, W. Stirk, R. Lucas, J. Goeders, B. Hutchings PDF
2020 Accelerate Scientific Deep Learning Models on Heterogeneous Computing Platform with FPGA C. Jiang, D. Ojika, T. Kurth, Prabhat, S. Vallecorsa, B. Patel, and H. Lam PDF